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    A Scratchy Throat

    Our mission is to help artists conquer the Internet by strengthening their exposure, brand awareness, influence, and presence while increasing their fan base through direct interaction with fans. We don’t buy our clients “likes” or “followers,” we build real fans one at a time to increase popularity and awareness in an already over saturated music industry.

    Artists benefit from our service by:
    -Increasing their fan base
    -Building awareness of their brand, image, music, and personality
    -Strengthening their influence and online presence

    Artists can take what we build to the next level by:
    -Selling music and merchandise directly to fans
    -Attracting sponsors and endorsements based on their influence with consumers
    -Informing fans of tours, news, releases, videos, and contests

    We empower our clients by teaching them the value of their online presence, and show them how to build and increase it. We share important news, information, and tools for all artists’ social media networks regardless of whether clients or not.

    A Scratchy Throat is impossible to ignore. Our clients stand out and are heard! They are impossible to ignore, just like a scratchy throat.

    With 21 years of working with and understanding artists’ needs and wants, Wendy Day is the ideal person to continue to bring artists to success. There’s no denying the importance of the Internet and standing out amongst all of the noise! Wendy has assembled the best team possible to accomplish this. Tony Guidry is VP of A Scratchy Throat with 20+ years in understanding computers, networks, and the Internet. For the past few years, his focus has been on social media and independent/unsigned artists.

    Artists need to be heard. Additionally, artists need guidance to monetize their efforts to turn their dreams into a profitable career. Talent, alone, is not enough to succeed today!! Artists need to surround themselves with knowledgable, legitimate, successful professionals with a track record of success. For some reason, many artists seem to be challenged in this regard and lose money and valuable time in this industry. A Scratchy Throat under promises and over delivers. We set the tone in expectations of professionalism and delivering results in an industry where that is more often the exception than the norm. It’s our norm. We have helped build MANY successful careers and understand what it takes. A Scratchy Throat is just one piece of the pie, but it’s an important and very necessary piece of the pie—Internet presence.

    Born out of the frustration of trying to hire a great Internet marketing company for an affordable rate, A Scratchy Throat built what was missing. Within 6 months, we can make a difference in your Internet footprint, your awareness on-line, and a boost in your fans and how you reach them. Let a successful brand help you build your successful brand.

    Love of music and a driving need to help artists succeed is at the heart of our business. This is what makes us who we are. We understand our market and artists need to stand out in this over crowded music marketplace. With more rappers than fans, how will you stand out?

    Posted on Saturday, March 9th 2013

    Where Can You Be Found On-Line?

    We focus on the main social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, MySpace, and Google+.  We can help you build your Blog and even help you collect email addresses and build a monthly e-Newsletter to share updates about you with your fans and potential fans.  If needed, we can even help set up SoundCloud and ReverbNation sites.

    Pushing your career forward as a key part of your team is our main goal at the end of the day.  We want you to be famous and make money with your music.  The more you stand out, the easier those things are to accomplish.  Let us help you stand out even more!!

    Posted on Saturday, February 9th 2013

    How Does A Scratchy Throat Stand Out?

    Our knowledge of the music industry makes our social networking plans much more effective than a generic or “cookie-cutter” social media strategy. Our plans are formulated with specific goals that will make the most of each site—maximizing impact, relevance, and interaction.

    Our connections, experience and expertise enable us to shine a digital spotlight on you and your work. We work directly with you to find & create social media opportunities geared toward the core of your potential audience to increase your fan base.  We understand the importance of your image as an artist and we understand the necessity for you to reach and interact with your fans one on one.


    Just as you can’t ignore a scratchy throat, you will not be ignored.  We help you stand out and get heard above the confusion of the over-saturation of the current music marketplace.  We integrate your current fanbase and what you are doing and amplify and multiply it.  

    Posted on Saturday, February 9th 2013

    We work with YOU to develop a strategy based on YOUR needs!

    The most beneficial promotion any artist can have is authentic “word of mouth.”  When a true fan (we call them rabid fans) becomes an evangelist for their favorite artists, they naturally build and spread the buzz…the hype.  A Scratchy Throat sparks the rabid fans to carry the torch for you and your music.  We amplify and spread the word of mouth through social media networks.  The more you stand out in this over saturated market, while conveying your uniqueness and personality, the more fans will embrace you.

    Artists stand out from all of the other artists bubbling around on the underground when there is something unique about them that a fan can grab onto.  This uniqueness invites the fan to get to know the artist and the music better, and if they like what they hear, they will not only stay but become a conduit for spreading your message.  We find your uniqueness and we amplify it so that you stand out above the rest.

    With any social media campaign, the goal is to fuse the artist’s brand, image, and message across all chosen social media channels uniformly. To be effective, the campaign must build fan interaction across each channel individually, and then enlarge the social media reach across all channels effectively. Beginning with the music, which is the artist’s foundation, A Scratchy Throat helps to establish a strong image and engaging content. 

    We will guide you, and through our consistent work and your quality content, you will gain dedicated fans. As we broaden the fanbase, we will locate the rabid fans who will spread the word about you and your music to their own circles (both on & off line). We take a long term approach to establish a true platform that you can use to springboard your career in a way that builds a solidly engaged and active fanbase.

    Posted on Saturday, February 9th 2013

    What We Offer…

    A Scratchy Throat helps you get heard and stand out in today’s overcrowded business environment.

    We help to develop your on-line imaging, branding, marketing, and promotion through an effective and proven mix of traditional marketing and promotions, and web and social media marketing and promotions.

    In today’s over crowded and over-saturated environment, how will YOU stand out from the competition?

    Just as a scratchy throat is impossible to ignore, we will help you stand out and get heard….affordably!  Give us a try…

    Wendy Day can be reached at aScratchyThroat@gmail.com

    Posted on Tuesday, May 15th 2012

    The new business model is to reach your audience directly, where he or she lives, in his or her own environment. If they like what you offer, THEY will spread the word. Your job is to keep supplying your product and to spark the discussions that inform the consumer about your products.

    Wendy Day

    Posted on Tuesday, May 15th 2012

    A Scratchy Throat is the brainchild of music industry executive, Wendy Day, and her Internet and social media guru partner, Tony Guidry.  Wendy has been building companies and consulting entrepreneurs for over 20 years successfully while Tony has been building brands on-line.

    You can learn more about Wendy’s background at www.WendyDay.com

    You can learn more about Tony at http://linkd.in/11JdeVr or email him directly at Tony@aScratchyThroat.com


    Facebook http://on.fb.me/W042UP

    LinkedIn http://linkd.in/VWksTw

    Google+ http://gplus.to/aScratchyThroat

    Twitter @aScratchyThroat

    Posted on Tuesday, May 15th 2012